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Excerpts from a just a few of the hundreds of letters of praise sent from schools, private tutors and psychologists:

"Please could you send me a certificate for Thomas who will be finishing his book soon.  He has worked very hard after starting in Sept. 2012 not able to read!  He can now order his own meal in a restaurant!"

Diane, teacher - Notts, U.K. - June 2014

“I just wanted to let you know that we are still having great success with the program here. We have 23 students on the program at the moment. I recently had 3 students complete the program and their reading results were amazing. One girl, who is in grade 4, was reading at 8 years and 4 months last year. I tested her reading when she completed the program 2 weeks ago, and she is reading at 14 years old!  Similarly the two other girls had phenomenal results. One was in grade 5 and the other in grade 6. Their reading had improved by at least 3.5 years each!  With results like this, I have no problems in convincing my principal that this is a worthwhile program. ….  I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the results we are getting here from Toe By Toe. These results are becoming known at other schools and they all "want in on the action!"

Congratulations to Keda again for a wonderful program, and never fear, I will continue to spread the word over here in Melbourne. I have had schools from far and wide contact me and it is wonderful to know that so many children are being helped by your amazing program”

Sue A – Toe by Toe Co-ordinator, Melbourne – June 2013

I am a teacher of children with complex learning difficulties and additional support needs.  One of my pupils has finished Toe by Toe and is very proud of his achievement and said he wants his book framed with the caption ‘This is how I learned to read…’ “

B.S. –  Scottish teacher - May 2013

"I have worked with a student over the past two years on your fantastic
reading scheme. Both his teachers and parents note a marked difference in
his performance and confidence which we think can be attributed to
Toe by
. I wondered if it was possible to provide this student with a
certificate for completing this task as I would consider this as a massive

                                          Ruth S. -  Learning Support teacher, Scotland - Mar 2013

“About two years ago I had the pleasure of hearing you speak. You gave us some wristbands to give to the children we work with.  I work one to one in a primary school helping children work their way through Toe by Toe and unfortunately I     gave my last one out today. (Fortunately it means another child has just finished      Toe by Toe and can read words like philatelist!)  Is it possible to get some more wristbands…?”

 T.A. at a primary school in East Anglia – Feb 2013

“Dear Keda,

I am not sure whether you are still doing the certificates for Toe by Toe but I have a child in my class who is about to complete it. His name is Bradley and he has done superbly well”

Senco, Primary School, Cambs. U.K. - Nov 2012

“I am a PGCE teacher with a certificate in SpLD, and I have found Toe by Toe
invaluable.  I have worked as a withdrawal teacher in schools, and since
being semi-retired from home.  It gives me so much pleasure to see the
progress that children make with
Toe by Toe.  Many thanks for having
produced such a useful tool that can be shared with parents”

Anita W, Private Tutor, Devon - July 2012

“I cannot tell you how wonderful I believe this program to be. We have had huge success with it at our school and would love to spread the word about it so that other students may benefit.”

Sue A., Toe by Toe Co-ordinator at a primary school in Melbourne, Australia – May 2012

“I have just finished Toe by Toe and it was awesome!!!!  It helped me a lot.  At the moment I am reading Wolven by Di Toft.  It is about a werewolf and is very freaky so far.  When I am older I would like to be a computer programmer.  Thank you for writing this book and helping me to read better and more confidently.”

Ethan  B. – aged 10 - U.K. primary school student

"Your resources continue to make an amazing difference to students working on them.  For the last few years I have also had sixth form students, who themselves have completed Toe by Toe, coming once a week to help with the current batch of Toe by Toe readers.  This has proved to be very powerful when we tell a struggling Year 7 student that their coach did Toe by Toe in Year 7 and is now able to come back to help them."

Sue Bird, Toot Hill School, Nottingham - May 2011

"Dear Keda

 Just to let you know that we have had 100% success with your ingenious and foolproof literacy programme. Every child has succeeded in raising

-          their literacy levels,

-          their ability to cope with the reading demands of every subject across the curriculum

-          and most importantly their self esteem self belief and confidence

all pupils who went through the programme succeeded in gaining 5+ GCSE grades and no doubt some will go on to A Level and university

We have just ordered 10 more copies of the book in the full knowledge that the 10 pupils who use this programme will have similar success. Our dedicated Learning Support Assistants fully believe in the success of this programme and they attribute much of their work satisfaction to the success of the programme.

Thanks Keda - your book is a God-send"

Brenda Banks, SENCO - St Mary's College, N Ireland - Oct 2010

“When I came to retire, 175 children had completed their Toe by Toe manuals.  Hundreds more have had input (20 on at the moment) and some took their books on to Army College and F.E. Colleges – totally amazing.”

Bryn Clarkson, Eston Park School, Middlesborough – Aug 2010

Dear Mrs Cowling,

I am writing to you because you have helped me understand the beautiful world of reading.

I have made lots of amazing progress since you made this program.  I’m so happy because I was not sure if this was going to work because I have tried lots of things.  You are like a hero to me because this seems very hard for me to get this far.  I am just a bit annoyed that I didn’t find this out a while ago.  I hope this program stays around for a very long time.  I think it’s very important - that reading should be done all over the U.K, Once again thanks a lot.  For your program it’s helped, me and other people.  It will always be in my heart. 

Charlie Riley, Grove Hill F.E. Centre, Ventnor, Isle of Wight – March 2010

"...So often people think that because children have global learning difficulties they will never be able to learn to read properly.  Toe by Toe and the hard work and dedication of the staff in the school are consistently proving them wrong.  we have 14 young people working on Toe by Toe this session and all of them are making good progress."

From:  Elaine McIlree, Kilpatrick School, Clydebank, Scotland

"I am continually impressed with the program.  Recent testing is showing substantial gains.  Reluctant readers really enjoy using the program."

Ann Hamer, Resource Teacher, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.   email:

 "I have used the book, and observed others using it, with phenomenal success.  It is extraordinarily simple yet effective"

From:  Imelda Isaia (Teacher) Wimbledon SW20 0RG

 "Toe by Toe has been highly effective even with our most severely dyslexic pupils.  It has been a Godsend to us!"

From:  Suzanne Jakeman (Head of 'Dyslexia Base')
Roundhay School, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Headteacher:  Neil Clephan B.A., M.A., Ad. Dip. Ed. Man.

 "Thank you so much for the years of hard work you must have put in to create this excellent programme.  I hope you are heartened by the difference that your work has made to so many people
From: Linda Bacon (SENCO) Kingsdown School, Swindon, Wiltshire.
Headteacher: D.B. WilliamsB.A., M.A. (Ed).

 "...significant gains in confidence as readers.  They will now attempt self-correction and have a good go at tackling unknown words.  I think Toe By Toe is an excellent programme that helps children unlock the mysteries of sound-symbol correspondence and syllabification."

From:  Shelagh Graham, Educational Psychologist, Wiltshire  SP1 3SL
"Dear Keda,
I felt compelled to write to tell you how much I enjoy using Toe by Toe with my dyslexic pupils... I have one 'star' pupil who is 10yrs 9 months old now and started on TBT in Oct '97 with a reading age of 8.0.  With my encouragement and tremendous parental support he has made amazing progress. (and had fun on the way...).  He now has a reading age of 11.2.  His teachers have noticed this improvement and are very pleased with his achievement.  My other pupils have also made very good progress and have increased their R.A.s by 2 years in less than 5 months.  "Three cheers for TBT!!"
From Megan Hinds - private tutor, Billericay, Essex - March 1998

Dear Mrs Cowling,

Many thanks for sending a copy of Toe by Toe so promptly.  It looks ideal for my purpose and I shudder to think of those countless pupils whose reading has suffered by a lack of access to this approach!"

W Batten, Shrewsbury - Jul 1997

"Toe By Toe is quite simply the best thing I've seen.  It is designed so carefully and the instructions are so precise that it can be used by any teacher who is new to it, a classroom assistant or a parent..."

Dr. Jean Alston, Chartered Educational Psychologist and Special Needs Consultant, Cheshire  SK10 4RU

    "...used exclusively at Costessey High, Toe by Toe has proved to be an invaluable tool for progressing the reading ability of our lower attainers.  It is ideal for dyslexic pupils giving them a structured pathway....Having worked in an international school, I can also say that this is the book that I would take on the plane"

Brian Coltman (SENCO), Costessey High School, Norwich. NR5 0PX

 "They are more confident at tackling words that they do not know because Toe By Toe has given them strategies which they, unlike other children, had failed to develop.  They are now enjoying their reading but the impact on the children's lives goes beyond the improvement in their ability. They have become more confident generally and their other school work has also shown improvement..."From:  Pauline Kirby (SENCO), Silverdale County Primary School,  Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffs.Headteacher: Mr D R Beech   BA (Hon), MSc

  "My personal experience of Toe By Toe is that children make unimaginable progress.  I personally have brought a pupil from total illiteracy to a very confident reader using the scheme..."

From:  Francis Casey (Headteacher),  St Philip Howard R. C. High School, Barnham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex

  "Thank you for the wonderful scheme.  The children love it because they can measure their own progress.  This builds up their confidence and changes their outlook..."

  Fran Chapman (Head),  St. Richard's Prim. Sch., Chichester, West Sussex.

 "My pupils have been working with Toe by Toe for two years now and they have stated that they can now read.  WOW!  What a success!"

From:  Jill MacDougall (Learning Support Service), N. Ayrshire KA21 5AS