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Excerpts from just a few of the hundreds of letters of praise sent from people teaching reading at home:

“I would like to pass on a big thank you to Keda Cowling and you all for the Toe by Toe. The book is amazing and I firmly believe that all children should be taught this way. I completed it 7 years ago with my eldest and have now completed it with my youngest. It has not only helped both my children but also myself as I am dyslexic. Even the “I don't want to's” and temper tantrums were worth it, when they become confident readers. My youngest child was very happy when he finished the book, I often now find books hidden in his bed.”
                                                                                             E.C. – parent, U.K. Dec 2014

“This book is amazing.  After my 6 year old failing her phonics assessment and the teacher leaning toward dyslexia I began to worry. I had a dyslexia assessment and was told she was not showing signs but obviously was struggling for some reason. He advised Toe by Toe. We started in May 2013 and are now on the final page, October 2014. What an achievement for such a young girl. I am so proud of her and needless to say, she can now read brilliantly, passed her phonic assessment and is a happy little girl. It was hard work at times but so worth it. I recommend it to anyone who has any sort of reading/phonic or dyslexia problem.  Is it correct that you send a certificate for completion? We will be done by the end of the week!”

G.A. (a proud parent) – Nov 2014

“Please pass on my eternal gratitude to Keda for the wonder that is Toe By Toe!  My son started the program in October last year, and has just completed the last page today. The difference this has made to his reading, his confidence, and his life is amazing, I can't thank you enough!! My son has found it hard, frustrating, fun and rewarding, and we have laughed and cried together. I am incredibly proud of him and what he has achieved, and now he knows he can read anything!”

V.W. – Proud mum, Lancashire, U.K. – May 2014

"I cannot stress highly enough my passion for the difference that Toe by Toe makes in the lives of students and tutors.  Well done Keda - my hero in education for many years…”

Jo Longbottom - retired SENCO, U.K. – May  2014


I am having so much success helping my 7-year old daughter to read using the Toe by Toe program. She enjoys the progress she is making and can see her successes. It has made a potentially difficult process, as she has a learning difficulty, much more successful. Have I used the word successful enough? I think you understand my enthusiasm!"                               

Kate J – a grateful parent and teacher, Australia - May 2014


I have been using Toe by Toe with my son for the past 3 months and I cannot say enough about this book. Finally he is starting to understand how to break words into sounds and how to see them and recognise them in other words. His confidence is sky high! I have been recommending this book all over forums for kids struggling to read and specifically for kids with apraxia who often have great difficultly with language skills even after their speech is resolved.”

Annette – parent, South Africa – April 2014

“Dear Keda,

 I have been thinking about my children’s education and how the toe-by-toe program ‘saved’ them from an unsatisfactory education, along with some very good teaching and support at their UK school (George Heriot’s School, Edinburgh), to the point where the curricula support teacher at their Australian school didn’t believe me when I said that my children had dyslexia (proved by school assessment reports by Gavin Reid, consultant to the school at the time). Both boys who were supported by the toe-by-toe program did not receive any learning support at their Australian school because they weren’t identified as needing such support, which overall, reflected the critical work provided in their Scottish education… Both my boys are now at Monash University - one undertaking a commerce-economics degree, currently doing a overseas semester at Bocconi University, Milan, the other is undertaking architecture, and won the school art prize in his final year at school - no problems writing essays and is a voracious reader.  Thank you so much for developing such a fantastic educational tool”

                                                     Lynda C. – grateful parent, Australia - April 2014

“Hello, my daughter (aged 9) has just completed the exercises in the toe-by-toe book after starting it last May.  After a slow start she really got into the exercises, and it is with a certain sense of sadness that we completed the last page - it has become an enjoyable part of our daily routine!  We liked the way the book is structured - it has been incredible to see her progress - you've obviously researched well how best to enable the child carrying out the activities to develop.  I understand that you send a certificate and wristband to children who complete the book so I've added my daughter’s details below.”

Proud mum, U.K. - April 2014

"Dear Sir/Madam,

 My daughter is just finishing this book. It has really improved her reading.  Her dyslexia is severe and this has really helped her stop plateauing in her reading progress. She is now in Y8. I recommend this to all the schools I work in and to boroughs too." 

Nina B. - Literacy/Drama consultant U.K. - Mar 2014

“Hello Toe-by-Toe team,

I am just writing to say that my son is about to complete Toe by Toe in the next few days (we are on page 285)!!!  We are so proud of his hard work and the amazing strides he has made in learning to read over the last 10 months - he has improved his reading age score by over 2 and a half years in this time and it has had a noticeable effect both on his self esteem and also carried through into his achievement in all school subjects. I seem to remember at the outset - all those weeks and ticks ago - reading somewhere that students receive a certificate and / or a bracelet when they completed the book, is this correct and if so can you let me know how I can get one ASAP so that I can reward him symbolically for all his hard work?  Although his real reward is of course being able to read so much more confidently and fluently...”                                             Proud mum, U.K. - Feb 2014

Recent message from one of Keda's first dyslexic students. Now a successful businessman in New Zealand but he still remembers Keda with warmth and gratitude...

" Hi Frank,

I was wanting to contact Keda. I was a student of hers years back in the late 70-80. Still remember sitting at Keda's kitchen table always been told never to give up!

I graduated with a Masters in construction management after city and guilds carpentry and joinery and twenty years in business.

I have attached a piece of my work for Keda and send my love with it.

Kind regards

Craig D. Atkinson”

"Dear Toe by Toe,

It's been a long two years but I really don't know where would have been without you.  I have a wonderful little girl who can sail a boat in 30 knots and hopes to be in the GBR under 16 sailing Team ( much to her brothers annoyance and he thinks he is better ! ) but she struggled to progress at school.  I knew she was intelligent from an early age and expected her to fly at school but she fell flat.  I very astute teacher got us the Toe by Toe book and we found a tutor who then attended one of your work shops.  At ten years she now is starting to take off and has just ran home shouting she got a 5B in her practice SATS paper and that was 3rd in the class.  This was a day I never thought we would see and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the wonderful founders of Toe by Toe.  When I look back at my own schooling I do wonder if I had a similar processing issue as I didn't progress at school but as an adult acquired two degrees the second being an MA in Education. I do wonder how many more adults have had a similar experience to myself and hope more future children can reach their potential supported by Toe by Toe"

 Sue Chatterton, proud mum, U.K. Dec 2013

“I am a parent from the west of Ireland and currently my 7-year old is doing       Toe by Toe. The improvement I have seen is just brilliant. I was in bed the last night and it was too late to read a story but I heard him pick up a book and start reading it and breaking up the word and sounding them out and putting it together again. To hear him read or trying was music to my ears. This is a fantastic achievement for this child as prior to this all he wouldn’t even make an attempt as he had it in his own mind: I CAN'T READ.   But Thanks to Toe by Toe he now believes:    I CAN READ.  I don’t know what else to say but that I as a parent of a child using    Toe By Toe would be honoured to have you at our school."

Maria - parent, Co. Galway, Ireland

“Hi Frank

I meant to do this last year but you know how things go! If you remember my daughter came to Keda from the age of about 6 and stayed with you until she started secondary school. I was beside myself at the time and it was Keda that diagnosed the dyslexia which meant that I could pursue school in a more structured manner.  These were her GCSE results last year. There were a couple more but I can't remember them!

English Lit – B, English Language – B, Maths – A, Art – A History A*, Photography - A*, RE – A, Science - Distinction

AS level - taking forward to A2:  Art – A, Psychology – B, Stats – C, History - D (dropping)

This has been achieved I am sure due to the foundations that you all gave her using Toe by Toe and we will both be forever grateful to you all.  Please let Keda know, she meant a lot to me.”

Sue S (parent) Sep 2013

"Dear Keda, Kelsey & Tony,

I would like to say a big 'thank you' for all your hard work and dedication that you put into Toe by Toe. It has been a great experience for my son and I'm really sad that it's come to an end. Keep up the good work."

J.V. Parent, Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K.


"Our son is going to graduate from Manchester University tomorrow with a 2.1 in Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) Your book gave him his ability to read, thank you..."

Proud parent, July 2013

“Dear Toe by Toe team,

It has been some time since I wrote and told you the fantastic success my daughter had after completing Toe by Toe. She has continued to enjoy reading and her confidence is growing daily. But I wanted to share some more success with you.....

Jessica has just celebrated her 11th Birthday.  When she was 8 she was unable to read, struggling with 3 letter words and unable to 'sound out letters', her reading age was 4....

We completed Toe by Toe at home in six months...the results where amazing!!  Her reading age increased 5years!!! her confidence grew and she felt like a team player in her class at school.

We live in West Wales, where national testing for primary schools has just been introduced.  Today I have received Jessica's final primary school report and test results....  The national average score range for English reading is 85-115

Jessica's results were 127!!!! (in the 'considerably above national average' section) and her reading age is now 15!!!!!

I will never be able to thanks Keda enough for her amazing work and fantastic little red book!!!  I have recommended it to everyone I know...even the theatre staff at hospital when Jessica was having her tonsils removed last month!!!!!”

Pam Williams, Parent U.K. – July 2013

“Dear Toe by Toe team.


My nine year old son has only four pages left to complete Toe by Toe.  He is looking forward to finishing it so he can celebrate over the half term holiday.  I would be so glad if you could send him a completion certificate to celebrate this achievement that he has diligently been working towards since 6 July 2012….  Many thanks for your help with the certificate, but even more so for the work on Toe by Toe


Dr R.H. – Parent, Somerset – May 2013

"Hi.  I have used Toe by Toe with my dyslexic 10 year old - FANTASTIC!!!! He
has now started reading for pleasure thank you!"

Becky R, Proud mum, U.K. - May 2013

“I am just writing to let you know that my 10 year old son has just recently
completed Toe by Toe.  As his mother, I would like to say that this book is
brilliant and we are so grateful to have found this when we did.

In my son's words he would like to say "I could not read before, but now I
can.  It was hard work but now I can read".

I cannot say in words what a huge difference this has made to Matthew.  He
has grown in confidence already and shows much more interest in things
around him, now he can read them.  Thank you for having written such a
brilliant, structured book”.

                                                        Mrs Jones – Bristol, U.K. April 2013

“Dear Mrs Cowling,

Just a few rather inadequate words of thanks for all the hard work, dedication and skill that you have brought to bear in teaching our daughter over the last few years.  It is no exaggeration to say that, but for you, her reading and writing would be well below the standard achieved by her classmates.  Not only was her education and future at stake, but also her own self-esteem.  The bright, confident and outgoing child which we have today is the direct end result of your teaching…..  I hope that you continue your good work for many years to come.”

Extract from a letter to Keda in 1992 – 2 years before TBT was published…

My son started Toe by Toe in October 2011 and he finished today.  He has had to work really hard as he has found it very difficult, however, he has gone from a non reader to being able to read.  His sense of achievement is enormous, and it has helped his self confidence.  He is having a couple of weeks off and then we are starting the spelling book!  We emailed you with a question early in the process and the advice you gave really helped.  Thank you so much” 

P. L., parent U.K.  – Feb 2013

My son, aged 8, has just this week finished the book. It  took him 11 months of 4 days a week during school term time, some difficult days with the odd tantrum along the way, some of them mine!  His reading has improved dramatically along with a new found confidence that's a pleasure to witness. Please pass on my thanks to Keda for her wonderful book, I'm about to start a new copy of Toe by Toe with my other son aged 7, at his insistence.”

Q.C., Dublin parent – Jan 2013

"Hi just to say a big thank you for Toe by Toe.  It took us rather longerthan we thought but was worth every exercise.  My son is 9 and I would be grateful if you would send him the certificate and wrist band.  A very Satisfied Dyslexia tutor and mother…”

Cassie Hadlington – parent & tutor, Lancashire U.K. - Jan 2013

"Hello, My son completed Toe by Toe with excellent results. He started on 1st August and finished at the end of Sept. He did not miss a day.  I believe you will send him a certificate for completion”

Proud mum, Cheshire, - Nov 2012

"Hi.  I am a Head of SEN in a school in India. Being a member of Dyslexia Guild, I attend conferences in the U.K. and study CPD courses offered by Dyslexia Action. Well, I have a son who is dyslexic and on one of the conferences, I got my hands on this structured programme and bought it.  Back in India, I started this programme with my son and he has improved tremendously.  Many Thanks for that...."

Dr Deepa R., India - Oct 2012

“I would just like to say that yours is the only reading programme suitable for a gifted dyslexic who has a fantastic memory. In other programmes my daughter already can read all the words using sight, but she has no phonic skills, but with Toe by Toe she is forced to apply the skills she is being taught.”

Gwen H. - Parent U.K. - Oct 2012

“I am emailing today to let you know just how utterly thrilled I am with your Toe by Toe programme.  My now nearly nine-year-old son was diagnosed with mild dyslexia last year.  It was a huge relief after the struggles we had endured during his first few years at school.  We started Toe by Toe in November last year after it was recommended to us by Dyslexia Action and we are now on page 121.   Within about eight to ten weeks he was able to access the kind of books that his peers were reading.  By March he took standardised reading and comprehension tests at his new school and we discovered that his Reading Age had improved by two years in one year.  He continues to go from strength to strength as we start to focus more on his writing and spelling.  He does this in the knowledge that he does not have to contemplate a future that once appeared to be compromised by the prospect of struggle, defeat and failure.  My husband and I cannot than you enough for the dedication and commitment you showed over a period of years to bring this programme of study to the general public at a very reasonable cost.  It has helped turn our son's life around.  The positive impact on our whole family has been great.  Thank you!”

Sarah Oxburgh – Parent, U.K. Aug 2012

"Just to say thanks for a great adventure, my son has now finished the 'toe by toe' manual after a very long haul, it has helped him so much and he is more confident in his reading.  Is it true that you send out a certificate for finishing 'toe by toe'?   He was the first person in his school to start 'toe by toe' and now many children are taking on the book."

Proud parents, Devon, U.K. – Aug 2012

“… However if he does read a word wrong what I do know is that he can       ‘Toe by Toe’ it.  He has all the rules and comprehension of the scheme and can adapt accordingly.   This was very obvious when he had first completed the scheme.  It was 4 years ago that he completed the scheme and he has read in church until very recently and although always confident about standing up in front of an audience initially he would have to practice the reading numerous times and arrive early to make sure it was the correct reading.  In later years he was not fazed by reading off the page for the first time.  Biblical readings are not always the easiest!!

I truly value the help the Toe by Toe scheme has given my son and talk and promote it at every opportunity.  It has been the one really powerful tool that he can use constantly.  I do not suffer from dyslexia or any processing difficulties but found it very interesting.  It also allowed me to see that all the things I did “automatically” were not automatic to my son.  My other son asked to go through the course.  He too does not have any difficulties and went through it at a quicker speed but he and I actually enjoyed it and it gave me peace of mind to know I had not “missed” anything with him.” 

Mary M, parent – Aug 2012

“It was quite a journey and we kept the book as a souvenir. I've just taken a look and we were on Toe by Toe 24th Jan until the 18th of December. I'm no longer worried about his reading and he's no longer worried about his reading so it definitely did the trick. Basically Toe by Toe taught him the skills to overcome the areas where he was having difficulty. I'm thrilled that for the modest price of the book and a modest amount of time each day his reading is back on track."

Meg E, Dublin parent – Aug 2012

"I just wanted to let you know how Toe by Toe changed my son's life. About 14 years ago, when he was 8, we were attending parent's evening at his primary school, and were shocked and distressed by the very poor quality of his written work, and his low reading age. His teacher had seen a demonstration of Toe by Toe, and been very impressed, and the school had let her buy just a couple of copies. My son was not a severe enough case to have special help at school, so the teacher gave me the book to work through at home with him.  Many hours (and many tears and tantrums) later, we finished the course, and the difference in his reading was nothing short of miraculous.  Last Friday we watched him graduate with First Class Honours from Bristol University!"

Amanda L. - parent, U.K. - July 2012

"Toe By Toe has helped me in spelling and reading and now I am reading chapter books! Now I LOVE reading because it's not that hard any more. Toe By Toe sure has helped in lots of ways."

William, Grade 6, Heathmont, Victoria, Australia - June 2012

"Toe By Toe has transformed my daughter's ability to read and spell to which I am so grateful to you all for the wonderful manual you have created - it is quite brilliant.  Wishing you all the best and once again thank you for making an incredible impact on my own daughter's attitude and abilities at school.”

Carole M., parent - U.K. May 2012

"Dear Toe by Toe,

Toe by Toe is boring but brilliant.  It helps my reading skills get better.  I used to get my B and D muddled up and I hardly do now.  I think other people like me who find reading difficult should have this book.  Yours sincerely,"

Mabel P. - Age 8, April 2012

“My 8-year old daughter and I have just finished Toe-by-Toe.  We are so delighted with the progress she has made.  It's outstanding.  Most of all the confidence it has given her and a new joy to reading, learning and homework!”

Althea J. – parent, U.K.  Mar 2012

"Thank you so much for your wonderful book.  I discovered it after searching the internet looking for something to help my 9 year old son who has been struggling with his reading.  His progress has just been amazing and his reading has improved tremendously – thank you!"

Sarah, parent - South Africa Feb 2012

“I would like to pass on my thanks for this fantastic helpful system.  My daughter aged 9, has dyslexia and although very bright has struggled with reading and spelling.  This book has been a brilliant aid for us to work through together - the improvement has been great.  We started it together on the 24th July 2011 and will finish it together by the end of January.  She has been amazing how she has stuck at it and been determined to succeed.  I am very proud of her.  May I thank you once again for all your efforts to assist children with difficulties to read more fluently and for the aid for parents to be able to support effectively”

Moira R. – parent, U.K. Jan 2012

“I wanted to let you and Keda know that I have been to Jessica's parents evening this week at school.   It was a very positive meeting... her teacher can not believe her reading progress!!!!!!!

 I'm not keen on schools tests for children but I do feel it's necessary to measure progress. Jessica has recently completed a reading test that relates reading ability to age. (She had done the same test 12 months ago). The results show she has gained 4.5 years in reading age in 1 year!!! and is now 3 months ahead of her age!!!   Her teacher did question the test results as he has never seen such a big improvement.

 I am very proud, as you can imagine...and it's all due to Toe by Toe.  I can not thank you enough for this 'magic' book, it has turned my daughter’s life around, she is now gaining confidence in all areas of her life and loves reading!!!  Please pass on my e-mail address to anyone who wants to hear from someone who has 'been there and done that' and I will gladly tell them our experiences and fantastic results"

Pam Williams, Parent U.K. – Nov. 2011

“I thought I would update you on my daughter’s progress.  She is only 6 and started the programme earlier this year, in April.  She is now top of her class at reading and can read almost everything – even the newspaper.  We are on page 189 of the programme and my only problem is trying to slow down the pace as she is reading words perfectly that she does not recognise or understand.  Lots of other children and the teachers at her school are now using Toe by Toe.  She was awarded student of the month at her school for her incredible progress.  She has progressed in just six months from a child who was suffering from a very significant loss of confidence because she was so far behind and distressed and was unable to participate in school - to a child who is happy, confident and brimming with eagerness to go to school and learn.  I believe the very early intervention with Toe by Toe was so vital.  I would hate to think where we would be now if she had not started on the programme.  It is certainly working exceptionally well for her.  Thank you for the programme and the help.”

Bridget (parent) Ireland– Nov 2011


“We have found your "little red book" to have a really big impact!”

Renee Gordon – home educating mum, South Africa, Nov 2011


“I also want to tell you about what happened to my husband Paul at work last week.  He has lots of new students starting at this time of year, and one of them had put down on his form that he suffered with dyslexia. Paul went to talk to him so that he could put the necessary support into place for him, but the lad said 'Oh I don't need any extra help, I have overcome my dyslexia'.  Paul asked how he had done this and he said by doing Toe by Toe and reading lots”

Anna B. – parent, U.K. Sep 2011


“…At the time I was using Toe by Toe with my then 10-year old daughter who has Down's Syndrome.  She is now 18 years old and I wanted to let you know that her literacy skills are amazing for someone of her ability.  She loves reading, she loves writing, is able to express herself well with a wide range of vocabulary, uses figurative language and manages the idiosyncrasies of the English language well.  Her spelling skills are more than reasonable and anything she doesn't know she has a good attempt at.  She has developed into a confident young woman who has great aspirations for her life - her father and I are extremely proud of her.  A part of her success is due to your scheme and I wanted to say a sincere thank you”

Kim – parent of a child with Down’s Syndrome, U.K. Sept 2011


"I am a parent from the West of Ireland and currently my 7-year old is doing Toe

by Toe. The improvement I have seen is just brilliant. I was in bed the last night and it was too late to read a story but I heard him pick up a book and start reading it and breaking up the word and sounding them out and putting it together again. To hear him read or trying was music to my ears. This is a fantastic achievement for this child as prior to this all he wouldn’t even make an attempt as he had it in his own mind I CANT READ.   But thanks to Toe by Toe he now believes I CAN READ.  I don’t know what else to say but that I as a parent of a child using Toe By Toe would be honoured to have you at our school."

Maria - parent, Co. Galway, Ireland - July 2011

“I am a 12-year old boy who has just completed Toe by Toe.  When my teacher first showed me your little red book I did not feel over the moon about doing it…. Over the next few months I dreaded hearing those words – ‘now for 15 minutes of Toe by Toe.’   However, over the next few months, I realised how reading was getting so much easier even though the words were getting a lot harder.  Now that I have finished the programme, I feel so much more confident at reading.  I want to thank you for your magical red book.  It was a miracle for me!”

Dean (12 years old), Co Monaghan, Ireland – June 2011

"My mum got me toe by toe when I was 5 and I thought it was the best book.  I still remember the ‘bat before the ball makes b and ball before the bat makes d and that still helps me now’ :) my mum passed it on to a friend of hers to help her child and highly recommends it and I do too and I plan on using toe by toe with my children when I have them so it can help them as much as it helped me”

Jodie G.  - Dyslexia and the "Toe By Toe" manual's Facebook Page - May 2011

"My daughter learnt to read using Toe by Toe, it was like the right key turning the lock for her, can't recommend this enough!  Watching Secret Millionaire, and remembered how successful this scheme is…”

Rachel W.  - Dyslexia and the "Toe By Toe" manual's Facebook Page - May 2011

"Dear Keda,

Thank you for making this book.  I've been on the book for 2 years now. and have finally finished.  Before I started Toe by Toe I couldn't read but now I can read.  I can read big books now and sports pages from the newspaper  This book has also helped me with my spelling.  Thank you very much.

P.S. No one has helped me with this letter

Dylan M. - Ventnor, Isle of Wight - Feb 2011

"Thank you for all your help in making 'toe by toe', it helped me to read better and faster. I feel that I am better and more confident to read more books because of you.  It has helped me in school a lot in English and subjects that I need to read. This has helped me read more books because I can read faster and better. Thank you for all your help and support in making me have more confidence in reading"     

D.D. - age 14, January 2011

“My friend’s son started with me on 23rd September 2010 and has almost completed Toe by Toe. He is brilliant and the local primary school cannot believe it!!!”

Joyce S. Parent & private tutor, Northern Ireland - Dec 2010

"Hi - Just wanted to let you know that my 7 year and 1 month old son has just completed your book – he started Feb 28th 2010 and finished today! He is now reading.  Thank you - the book is simply amazing!"
                                                                                  Vicki - parent, U.K.  Nov 2010

"I am a great advocate of Toe by Toe and thank you for producing a really practical aid in a world of flannel."                        

Jonathan E. - parent, Derbyshire, U.K. - October 2010

"I am a teacher and I ordered Toe by Toe to use at home with my son, Benjamin, and - I have to say - it has transformed our lives"

Parent, Basingstoke - October 2010

“Dear Keda and all involved in the Toe by Toe book,May I please let you know what my son has achieved yesterday in his GCSEs:

4 ‘A’s in Maths, Science, Additional Science and Design Technology                           4 ‘B’s in Geography, ICT x 2 and Citizenship                                                          6 ‘C’s in French, Statistics, Eng. Lit. and Eng. Lang., Adult Numeracy and Literacy.

We cannot thank you and Professor Sue Fowler at Oxford enough.  To achieve these grades all at the higher paper is remarkable.  When he is asked he often refers to the help that your little book inspired.  These grades mean that he can go on to Grammar school and study ‘A’ Levels in Engineering, Maths and Physics.

As a mother, words cannot begin to express my gratitude to you all.  To achieve ‘C’ grades in both English and French is breathtaking.  At the age of 8, I was told by his then teachers that he would be lucky to finish school with any grades.  What a difference – with a lot of hard work and CONFIDENCE."

                                                                       Vanessa T. (parent) - Aug 2010

"Dear Keda Cowling & team,

I would like to put into words the immense gratitude I feel towards you for the life time of dedication you have shown to children and adults alike.  You see, you have changed my son’s life.  You have empowered my wonderful, bright, articulate boy.  Before Toe by Toe, he frequently called himself ‘thick’ or ‘idiot’.  You have made him realise he’s pretty darn smart!  Yes, he has dyslexia, but so what…?  He now has the skills to cope.  Everything is achievable….”

Tracey M. - parent – Preston, Lancashire, Jan 2009

“My daughter, age 11, has been working her way through your manual.  The change in her reading ability and, more important, her self-confidence, have been amazing. She has a long way to go to overcome her dyslexia but now we feel confident in encouraging her in her dream to be a teacher, as there is now hope that she will make it through high school and on to university.  Thanks so much for giving her hope.”

Donna M (parent) – Binnu, Western Australia.  Jan 2009

"It helped my son's speech/diction which was all part of his difficulties.  Thank you for helping me to help my son.  If it hadn't been for your scheme, my son may never have read, spoken or written.  He now has several C and above GCSEs..."

Parent/teacher, Castle School, Bristol - Oct 2008

“Hello again Keda.  Our granddaughter has now finished Toe by Toe. We cannot praise the book enough; it has made a huge difference to her reading, spelling and general confidence.”

Carole Shore, Stockport – Sep 2008

“Dear Keda

I just wanted to let you know how successful Toe By Toe has been for my daughter Emily who is 11 years.  Emily started the Toe By Toe Scheme in April 2006 and she has just got to the last page of the book.  What a transformation in Emily.  She is now a confident reader and her self-esteem has improved immensely.   One of her favourite places is Waterstones bookshop!  Two years ago, Emily's reading age was four years behind her chronological age.  Today she has come home from school with a note from her teacher to say that her reading age is now 12 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Toe By Toe is brilliant.  Thank you so much as you really have made a significant difference to Emily's life!”

Nicola J. (parent) – April 2008

"I am a Teaching Assistant in Cheshire and a mum of a dyslexic 18 year old.  I have been delivering the Toe by Toe programme in my school for the past two years.  I have seen children blossom and become confident readers and best of all see them enjoying books because of Toe by Toe. I only wish I had found Toe by Toe when my son was at primary school.  Thank you".

Lorraine Garner T.A. & Parent, Cheshire - Apr 2008

“My daughter has recently completed the Toe-by-Toe programme and I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the improvement in her confidence and reading.  We rely on our “rules” and she understands she can use them on a day-to-day basis and doesn’t panic when confronted by “scary” words anymore! Thank you!”

Mrs A.T. Parent, Solihull – June 2007

“Dear Keda,

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for Toe-By-Toe!  My 9 year old son is a changed child and has just this last Monday completed the book!  There were many times that he wanted to give up but we persevered and he is now a confident and happy reader.  Thank You! Thank You!  I am told that he may receive a certificate to mark his achievement. He is so proud and this would really please him.”

Linda T. (parent), Tonbridge - June 2005

"Dear Keda,

When I wrote to you a while ago you asked me to let you know when my son finished toe-by toe. Well he's done it!! The scene of huge rejoicing and celebration!   He has been doing Toe by Toe for 9 months during which time he was recommended to use yellow-tinted glasses by the Dyslexia Research Trust. At his last assessment about 6 weeks ago his reading age had gone up by 3 years in 6 months! He is so thrilled and the difference is so noticeable.  Thank you so much for your work, we are so grateful to you."

 Jane K., Proud Mum, U.K. - Apr 2004

"Dear Keda,

I started my young son on Toe by Toe in November last year.  His reading has improved enormously, to the extent that he will now read independently.  I have found it most helpful to have such a structured programme to follow where I can see exactly where his difficulties are"

  Mrs S.S., Bolton, Lancashire - Feb 1998

“Mrs Cowling,

 I’ve enjoyed Toe by Toe a lot because it has helped me a lot with my reading and my spelling.  My Mum and Dad are glad because of Toe by Toe.  When I first started, I though it was stupid, but now it is cool!”

  Wayne L. – primary school pupil, Milton Keynes, June 1996

"Before toe-by-toe, I was living in a deep dark hole.  Everyone else understood things and I didn't.  When I was given the book, I felt a rope ladder had been thrown down to me.  It didn't have any rungs...  I had to build them myself and that has taken time.  Now I feel I'm near the top and I can see daylight.  I feel sorry for anyone stuck at the bottom."

Edward Charlton (aged 10), Nantwich, Cheshire

“I would like to thank you, Mrs Cowling, for producing this wonderful book...”

Sharon Watson (Parent), DL1 UE

“I am now a total addict of Toe by Toe…I have been working with Toe by Toe for over a year and have seen the amazing results not only in reading ability and improved fluency but also in the child’s confidence.”

Jane Carleton-Glenn (Specialist teacher, 76139 Karlsruhe, Germany)

"This book has been tremendous, there has been a great improvement in my son's confidence and also his reading ability.  An extremely clever and structured book for dyslexic children, a vital reading tool that should be available in all schools."
From:  Caroline Duggan (Parent)  Hereford  HR4 0SD

"My only criticism of Toe By Toe is that it was not available four years ago when my son began to fail.  If it had been available, my son would not have had to suffer the effects of ignorance, denial of developing literacy, and sheer neglect of his obvious dyslexic problems.  This book should be promoted so that every parent and teacher should know of its existence.  No child should have to suffer as Scott did..."
From:  Brenda Fieldsend (parent) , Barnsley  S71 3NJ

"I like the highly structured progression - especially the 3 ticks.  This is an excellent manual for parents willing to devote just 20 minutes per day.  The system is clear, logical and simple to administer."

From:   Karen Tiffany (parent), Shipley, W. Yorks.  BD18 2JX

"My son’s improvement (in reading and writing) is due to your wonderful book.  He is now again a happy, chatty, delightful child obsessed with acquiring knowledge.  It has truly saved our son from a school life of feeling inadequate and fearful - you have given him back his future and us our son"

From:  Sarah Price (parent), Ashford, Kent TN24 9JT

"I am finding Toe By Toe brilliant.  It is making my child’s progress much easier and boosting her confidence.  She has come on in leaps and bounds since starting it and seems to be enjoying reading much more."

From:  Erica Fyle, Somerset  BA4 4ET

"...I cannot believe the difference Toe By Toe has made to my son’s reading.  He is now a fluent, confident reader and every signpost we go past he tries to read.  So different from a year ago when he was struggling to read anything.  So, an enormous THANK YOU - I don’t know where we would have been without it"

From:  Liz Gartside, Hove  BN3 4QQ

"It is so good to be able to tell a child, ‘By the time you finish Toe By Toe you will be able to read anything’..."

From:  Helen Albans (Private tutor), Sheffield S10 5PQ

"This book has been a godsend and the best bit is that my son enjoys using it.  In the past he has shied away from books and now he enjoys them and is making great progress"

From:  Mrs. J. Ward (parent), Clydebank,G81 6LJ

"My son has been working on Toe by Toe for the last two terms...He now has a reading accuracy of 10.02 (it was 7.08) and a reading comprehension of 12.06 (previously it was 8.00).  I would just like to pass on my thanks to you and everyone concerned in the production of this book that has given my son the chance to access the normal school curriculum and increase his self confidence to an amazing degree."

From:  Christine Wilson, Surrey GU16 6PN