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'tion, sion, cial, tial, cian'

Polynons are not appropriate for this exercise. The only prerequisite for reading real words is the ability to recognize word endings quickly. 

Some students may struggle to perfect the pronunciation when they tackle column 'A' but the real words will establish this very quickly.

 Listen to the sounds made by the bold letters in the following words: 
mention     magician    mission

The sound made by the bold letters is sh'n rather like the word shun without the vowel. Once more listen to the sound of the bold letters: 

social  initial

This time the bold letters say sh'l, which is rather like the word shall without the vowel. Establish the sounds by repeating the words. 

Ask the student to read the word endings listed in pairs in column A. When you are confident that s/he can read them quickly and correctly you may move to the next columns of real words. 

If your student has difficulty with a word you can ask them to try both sounds of the vowel. Most difficulties will arise when the student reads a word such as lotion and gives the first o its short sound. 

Remember:   In the word columns both words must be read correctly to earn a tick.  Coached words receive a dot.

     A                        Month
tion tian   emotion   tactician
cian tion   passion magician
cial tial   tension addition
sion tion   invention special
tial cial   detention politician
cian sion   mention initial
cial tion   vision incision
tial tian   official partial
sion cial   traction martial
tion tial   fraction caption
cian tial   suction option
sion cial   nation diction
cial sion   question decision
tion tial   essential facial
cial tion   pension adoption
mansion precision
sanction invasion
action potion
spacial notion
division induction
function portion
motion ration
lotion attention
partition section
potential station
session elation
revision social
petition aversion
pollution retention
inclusion mission

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Pages 8 & 9      Pages 62 &63      Pages 162 & 163