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"Today is a fabulous day. The 5th of February, 2006.  On May 15th, 2001 I started on the first page of Toe by Toe and today I finished. I am very glad that I finished. I went from being a non reader in grade one then to a grade one reader when I was in grade three and now I am a grade 6 reader in grade five.  It has taken me a long time. We had a lot of breaks but we stuck with it. Now I can read words my friends can't like, Philosophy and chiropodist and even my father learnt that he had been mispronouncing a word incorrectly for years... ophthalmic.  Thank you Keda for your wonderful book. We just have to work on my spelling now!"

Max (age 10)  - Canada - Feb 2006

Any student who successfully completes the Toe By Toe scheme will have a dramatically improved reading age.  Their spelling will also have improved and - most importantly - their self-esteem will have been transformed.  No longer will they feel inadequate when faced with the written word.  It is not an exaggeration to say that this book changes lives...

Just 20 minutes tutoring a day for five months, and a child's reading level will be transformed from this:
He can put the big dog in with the fat ram.
The pet cat is with the duck in the big pen...

to this:
"But now I can read words like chiropodist, philatelist, emphasis and psychologist because I have learnt to build words using the smallest steps of all: Toe By Toe"

For most people the improvement in reading is enough, but others like to see statistics. Indeed, we always recommend a reading age test before starting Toe by Toe, and again after it is finished. The results are usually astonishing, as the following sample shows: -

Reading Age (R.A.) improvement from Schonell Test before and after Toe by Toe
Name  Age at  R.A. at start R.A. at end Improvement  Weeks
  start YearsMonths  YearsMonths   YearsMonths  taken
GEORGE D   7. 7 7. 0 11. 9 4. 9 16
CHARLOTTE H   8. 2 7. 1 11. 9 4. 8 23
CONNOR W   7. 2 6. 6 13. 6 7. 0 24
TOM N   8. 0 7. 2 12. 1 4. 11 24
  AVERAGE 6.11 12. 3 5. 4 22
Students taught for 30 minutes per day, 5 times per week.

If you have a record of reading age improvement from using Toe by Toe, please tell us. You can use the form below or see our contact details.

Date Started  Age at start 
Reading Age at start  Reading Age at end 
Date Finished  Number of Lessons 
Your email address will only be used if we need to ask you about Toe by Toe and reading age improvement. It will not be passed to anyone else.