How Does Toe by Toe Work?

How Does Toe By Toe Work?

Toe By Toe is essentially a decoding book.

Typically, weak readers struggle to ‘decode’ text. Their inability to ‘decode’ text and the written word is at the core of their reading difficulties.

Toe By Toe is the key, the ‘code’ to help anyone with reading difficulties learn how to read fluently, confidently and accurately.

Children and adults who struggle to read fluently have difficulty in reading unfamiliar words confidently and accurately.

Reading fluently, without pausing or hesitating when confronted by an unfamiliar word, is challenging for them.

Fortunately, Toe By Toe is a proven solution to anyone struggling to read.

Students learn to convert letters (or groups of letters – words) into the appropriate sounds.

This includes weak readers who struggle to decode text or those with dyslexic difficulties.

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What is Toe By Toe? The solution to reading difficulties