Keda at home in 2011 holding her life's work

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"I have dedicated 35 years of my life, developing methods to teach people with reading difficulties how to read.  During years of unpaid scientific research in the 1970's, I created a teaching system that provides a progressive solution to reading problems.  I called this system 'Toe By Toe', as the learning stages are too fine to be called 'step by step'.

Since its publication in 1994, the Toe By Toe reading manual has taught over 100,000 children and adults how to overcome their reading difficulties.  I have continued my research, resulting in two more successful workbooks: Stride Ahead, the gateway to comprehension and Stareway To Spelling, the gateway to writing.

A vital feature of my workbooks is that anyone who can read can use them to improve the basic literacy skills of any child or adult.  Thus, you will learn how to teach reading and spelling at the same time as bringing the precious gift of literacy to someone you know."

Keda Cowling - Creator of Toe By Toe

Keda's 85th birthday cake made by her daughter-in-law and commemorating her life's work.  The family party was held at the Boathouse Restaurant in Saltaire near the famous Salt's Mill where Keda's working career began in the 30's.

Keda with Edward Vickerman.  Edward won the ‘Outstanding New Teacher of the Year’ at the annual teaching Awards held at the Theatre Royal in London in October 2009.  Edward is also profoundly dyslexic…

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